I recently bought a Hud and I am getting this error.

[ERROR] addons/darkrp modification/lua/darkrp_modules/hudreplacement/cl_hudreplacement.lua:392: attempt to call method 'IsOwnable' (a nil value)
  1. DrawEntityDisplay - addons/darkrp modification/lua/darkrp_modules/hudreplacement/cl_hudreplacement.lua:392
   2. unknown - addons/darkrp modification/lua/darkrp_modules/hudreplacement/cl_hudreplacement.lua:418

Can someone help me fix this

Contact the seller.

I did he said he wasnt gonna help me fix it for such a small pay. He agreed to the pay then he got all mad at how small it has

Did you buy it off CoderHire? If so, report him there.

Then post him a 1 star review and ask for a refund.

Cant since I requested the job. I already did a chargeback on Paypal.

Ouch… bad move.
If you charge back before asking him to refund and then telling moderators what happened - you might get banned.

I told him what happened. He said he wasn’t gonna help me so I decided to charge back gonna contact mods right now.

The only thing you can do. But don’t expect them to be so nice about you taking matters in own hands before contacting them.