HUDShouldDraw Chat Hide

Hello. I have custom chat. In one day standart chat open up and there was two chats. I checked code. It’s right. What to do?

hook.Add("HUDShouldDraw", "HideDefaultHudTruePro", function(name)
	if name == "CHudChat" then return false

I’m having a slight problem to understanding what you’re saying. Are you saying you bought a custom chat, and on top of that the normal chatbox is starting as well?


Where is it placed?


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OH FUCK! IT’S CLIENTSIDE HOOK! Im stupid. I will try to place it in client
Doesn’t work

Im still need help

It hides chat but doesn’t hides messages from old one. Haved to remove custom chat.

Add a hook to ChatText and return true like it says and the old messages shouldnt show up

No, hook up to this hook:, return true and override chat.AddText.


What gamemode is this on? Some gamemodes don’t use the default chatbox and may have to be overridden somewhere else.

Name me at least one gamemode that has it’s own chatbox? That hook is working for every gamemode.