… we have a problem.

Oh, wait, wrong reference.

I do.

“Hudson,you seem to be suffering from a mild case of transparento-itis. I can practically see through you,mate.”

Hudson a ghost are along

he was die

Hudson is shoot

you going to start making the background scenery in-game anytime soon?

Mason is numbers

glass bender

Please stop with the greenscreening. You’re being incredibly lazy by not doing backgrounds in-game.

Also, this doesn’t really deserve a thread, IMO. It’s just a guy standing around. Nothing really worth a thread.

if you lazy, u don’t read my thread

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if you lazied, u don’t read my thread

who the fuck do you think you are

He’s not saying he’s lazy,you dumbass. He’s saying YOU’RE lazy. Let me repeat it in a manner in which you would understand,

Blitzkrieg Zero are not lazy,you wronged him when actually he are saying that you is the people that are lazy.

I know it’s not allowed to use korean in this forum but please excuse me.
This is the best way to communicate with him.

사람들이 불만인건 계속 시도때도없이 그린스크린에 크로마키로 배경 만드는 비슷한 포징을 여러 게시글에 나눠서 올리는거랑 이해하기 어렵고 아무렇게나 쓴 제목 때문에 불만인듯

Something tells me you’re all getting offended over a dude who barely speaks English.

I don’t even think he’s trying to antagonize you. He probably doesn’t understand your C&C.

that almost sounds like it’s personal between me and nsdw5005

he could if he tried harder; how much harder, that i don’t know