Huey helicopter vehicle

could someone do the huey helicopter --> into a flyable helicopter like this non wire shit please

I personally don’t see why people should do things like this for one person.

im sure its more who wants it who dont is amember on facepunch

It is already flyable?

you need some wire shit to fly the huey but i want its model to the helicopter vheicle

No you don’t need some “wire shit” to fly it - read the readme.

So hang on you want to swap the models so the HUEY is like the LITTLEBIRD or the other way round ?

i want the huey to be like the LITTLEBIRD

Go make it then

i dont know how to make stuff

That huey is on non wire one.

i dont understand i cant lift what shall i do?

First off, the Huey is using a different base. The AVehicles Base, in fact. So, you want to take the Huey itself and switch it over to Sakarias’ “flyable helicopter” template?

… Sounds possible, they were talking about it a while back on Sakarias’ release post. I know that one guy was working on a black hawk at one point in time using the same base. Did anyone else follow that thread? And one of the images showed separate models for the rotors and the main body, so it does exist. I myself was hoping that someone would finally do this. Shame Sakarias isn’t doing it anymore.

(And regarding flying the Huey: it does not require wire, no, it’s not broken, and yes, it has controls in the readme. In short, you sir, need to RTFM.)

Just change the model, and change the seat locations.

I’d do it, but I’m just too damned lazy. :smiley: