[sp]ffs, I can’t even come up with a good title… And why did they leave the doors open when it’s raining? Well, they must’ve had a good reason. Let’s just leave it at that.[/sp]

C&C, please.

was expecting huey emmerich

The posing is great and the technical quality is very eye pleasing. Only two things are bothering me here: The leftmost guy is floating above the seat. The cigarette guy’s hand-wrist transition is icky. Could have edited it out.

How about now? Is it better?

Looks pretty damn nice man and if I had to give a guess as to why the doors are open while it’s raining, I’d say it probably just started raining lol.


Much better!

Wow, really nice effects on the cigarette smoke.

Lighting’s p good for an overcast scene, but your rain looks really flat. The drops layer nearest the camera needs to be bigger than the ones on the far side of the Huey.