Wait… are these Marines gonna ambush those US Army guys?



Nothing dictates that they are US Soldiers vs US Soldiers, just soldiers vs soldiers.

Don’t make assumptions because you know what the model represents.

ITT: Portray black guys as baddies, get stamped ‘racist’.

I was expecting Huey Freeman

any war that takes place in africa ever that the un intervenes in is racist - znalecc, 2010


Needs more Huey Lewis and the News…

We REALLY need some better Vietnam marine models.

Reminds me

Apart from the kit and uniforms. But I get your point.

Yes well your eye sight shouldn’t be that good >:D

The baddy on the left has an SVD :eng101:

Of course the rest of his uniform and equipment is American, but whatever.

yeah ano
but I dont have any Opfor-ish models so I used those models.
and that model has blacky skin. it looks like opfor guy

They could be rogue.

There could a million reasons they want to ambush them.

Like the guys in the huey are going around bombing whales and these guys are extreme environmentalists, but they stole some American stuff.