HUGE fps drop facing north?

So i’ve been wondering a lot, when i face north in the game i seem to have a huge FPS drop. I can’t really figure it out, tried several things such as lowering my quality ingame and closing all others programs.
I have been talking to others ingame aswell, who said the exact same thing. Does anybody have a clue why this is happening? Is it because of the new mountains or?

Greetings from SebastianHP

You also hear some kind of running noise if you face that direction don’t you? I remember if I look East I’ll hear no background noise but if I look any other direction including North I’ll hear some sort of an engine running background noise.

Hmmm, i haven’t been noticing that. I’ll take a look at it, when i come home, and write back to you.

Yes, after they updated some players are lagging when facing the north part of the map(that’s where all the rocks are). They need to fix this ASAP. Me and some of my clan-mates have this issue and can’t play the game, not with 15-20 FPS.

I’ve already opened up some tickets on github, hope they’ll reply in the following days.

A render distance for the rocks would be good. It could render those rocks which are still sufficiently close, but are not too close.

I also suggested the same thing in a different thread. Everybody will be happy. One thing though, make it render distance for terrain also, as some kind of fog, or rather hide other objects all together.

Hiding only far away rocks would offer an advantage to those playing on low setting, being able to see far away settlements up in the mountains.

A thick fog in the distance that hinders your view of far-away structures/formations could be kind of awesome. As long as I could toggle the distance. I kind of like being able to stand on a mountain and see everything.