Huge FPS-drop when aiming at props

Oi, yesterday after I downloaded some G-mod update I started experience lag but only when I directly aimed at a prop. Actually, if I move my crosshair from one prop to another it’s like they re-render, and this happens all the time, however - I was able to spawn shitloads of props and maintain 130-160 FPS without any problem at all, but when I spawned my dupe(about 25 props?) and aimed at it, it started lagging again. I can stand on it, I can do pretty much whatever I want, but when the crosshair touches the prop, everything fucks about. This is Garry’s Mod related and nothing else.

Okay, apparently this only happens when I aim at it with the physgun, gravgun and the toolgun - every other weapon works. wat…

I also just realized that this only happens in singleplayer.

Shameless bump Have noone experienced this before? D:

Maybe you have an addon that is causing this to happen? You could try removing some of them to see if that’s the case.

First thing I did. I thought it was the physgun buildmode that came with Precision Alignment but that was not the case, my whole addon’s folder is currently wiped clean and it still fucks about.

As I said, this only happens in singleplayer. A little bit of testing here and there and I eventually managed to parent the whole contraption to a plate and this almsot fixed the issue, I was now able to look at 99% of the contraption but when I looked at the parent-plate shit went down again.

This ONLY happens when I am holding the physgun, toolgun or gravgun.

hm don’t really know what it could be…

You get this problem on gmod 12 right?