Huge FPS Drops

for starters, i run a gtx 770 2gb, 16gb ram, and an amd fx 8320 cpu. None of which I have overclocked. I have been noticing lately a huge fps drop at random times throughout the game. It literally goes from 50-60 to 5 and then right back up to 50-60 again. This has made the game practically unplayable for me and i was wondering if anyone had any solutions. I have tried running it on fastest and turning down a lot of settings, this just increases my avg fps, but the drops continue. I know my machine can handle the game, I was just wondering if you guys had any advice on how to avoid these drops. Thanks

Sounds like textbook overheating issues. By turning down your graphics and causing your game to run at a higher fps, you are actually making your card get hotter. You should try enabling the in-game vsync option. This will cap your fps at your monitor’s refresh rate (probably 60) and will help keep your card cool.

Edit: You should really have a program like EVGA Precision or MSI Afterburner running. That way you can set your own fan curve which will help keep your card cooler. Of course, none of what I have said matters if this issue isn’t being caused by overheating. It’s still recommended to have a custom fan curve for any medium/high end video card, even if your card isn’t overheating.

If you haven’t, open steam, go to your game library, right-click on “Rust”, go to “Properties”, then go to “Betas”, and then choose the “Live Dev Branch”.

Thanks for the help. I normally play on fantastic with render quality full and vsync on. I used to be able to play jut fine, although my fps would gradually drop the more I played the game (probably overheating now that I think about it) I have afterburner, but have never messed with it. I do think it is curious though, because my computer never has fps drops on other games such as DayZ or Planetside 2 that are as bad as these. Nonetheless, I will tweak my fan settings and see what happens. Thanks for the help.