huge fps issue since last wipe( especially on facepunch server)

heya, so yeah basically since the last wipe, i went to 80-70 fps all the time to 20 -40 (if im not near a huge house) and im not the only one, me and my crew cant play this week because there is base everywhere on official server and it makes the game unplayable, the only place where i am not lagging is the beach (and its not always), so yeah idk what happen but i feel like more the time goes on more the game get unplayable (or you need a 2000€ computer) its sad coz i run gta 5 in ultra and many other game, so yeah i think of instead working all the time on the xp system (which is not realy important atm i think) u should realy focus on the perfomance, the first thing that people should have is nice fps to play and enjoy the game, no point to add xp and stuff if we get 20 fps if we are near bases …

(im not spitting on the game, i love it, the only thing that i blame is the perfomance and optimisation)

ty for reading me and let me know if im not the only one to have fps decrease since those last week,

peace and love guys ! <3

Yeah I have noticed the same issue on our server but its only in a certain area… My FPS goes from 70 to 20 almost instantly and will get as low as 8 making it unplayable.

TBH I havent played all that much since the wipe last week because of this and I really hate the new map size.

i agree with u 3500 is good (rustopia size) and its playable but 3000 looks like small server, (plus the fps issue lol^^) so yeah same here didnt play that much this week coz of that