huge graphical problems with garrys mod. Pic as proof.

pic of problem–>
I’ll just role things down a pic. Any item i spawn, any weapon I hold and any map I’m in is all glitched out. It can’t possibly be because of my computer cuz I played garrysmod countless times, I uninstalled for a bit to play WoW sicne my computers memory is very limited and I cna pretty much only go for 1 or 2 at a time. I reinstalled it to find it like this, so I uninstall and try again 2 more times and it till keeps being like this. And no, I don’t have a single download in my addons folders and stuff. If someone can give me any steps to fixing I would really appreciate it!

Did you try to update your drivers?

Your computer is too weak to run it. However, you try to play it with -dxlevel 81 in the launch options.

System Specs (and try updating drivers)

I dont really know if it’s the drivers due to I can play Half life 2 perfectly. And since they both run on the same engine…I’ll give it a go tho. thanks guys


Use Speccy (:google:)

Im pretty sure thats called fractaling, when your GPU is overheating or dying, you might want to check your temperatures.

I had some similar problems on my old PC, it’s your GPU overheating.