Huge Halo Model Pack Request

Hey, I’m in need of A LOT of Halo models. I have Hammy’s Prop Pack, but most of the models are from Halo: CE. So, what I need is:

-Grunts from Halo 3/ODST
-Elites from Halo 2/3
-Jackals from Halo 3
-Brutes from Halo 3
-Brute Chieftain
-Halo 3 Pelican
-Halo 3 Phantom
- <-- Helmet Props to go with the ODSTs. If you can, can you make 2 helmets for each “class” of ODST (Normal, black, red)? If you can, on the second helmet for each class, can you make the visor see-through? That’s just a bonus.
-SPARTANs with varying armour and colour schemes
-Silenced SMG Prop
-Covenant weapons from Halo 3 (Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Energy Sword, Plasma Grenade, Beam Rifle, Fuel Rod Gun, Covenant Carbine, Brute Shot, Needler)
-Anything else related to Halo 3/ODST.

PS. I know there is already a Halo thread, but I don’t have the time to go through 30-40 pages.
If something on this list is already posted somewhere, could you kindly link it to me?

Just read the goddamn thread.

We have the SMG silenced done
We have Elites from halo 2 done
No brutes
No brute chieftain
WIP Pelican (There is a halo 1 one though)
No phantom

We also have marines

you got money?

But the SMG isn’t a prop, just a SWEP.