Huge map files on--!!

Ok im just throwing this out there but i notice a ton of very big map files on and it takes a good 5 to 10 minutes to download some of them maybe even longer sometimes. One thing i have noticed is if u use the BEST compression setting in winrar it almost cuts the map file size in half so like a 30MB map turns out to be 10-12MB. So please if u dont already, please use the BEST compression setting in winrar. It shall result in faster uploads and downloads especially for people with DSL, with cable i could care less but just throwing out my opinion.

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You can’t download 30MB maps? What? :downs:

You really should get BETTER Internet

No i can but smaller files means shorter downloads. Why waste 2 minutes downloading a map when it could have been downloaded in 1 minute??? And not to mention less space taken up on garry’s download servers id assume.

1 minute???

Huge map files often means good lighting quality, or a lot of unnecessary crap in the map. I personally prefer good lighting/big file size, instead of bad lighting/small map size.

Usually people lightmap optimize though, to get nearly the same filesize and compile time as from the start.

Good quality is often worth the extra minute/minutes.

we are talking about file compression here people not map quality!!!

You tell 'em girl!

I’m just telling you, even though it is compressed or not, why care? You can do something meanwhile, watch tv, take out the garbage, listen to music etc.

It doesn’t take many minutes unless you’re on a 56k.

Even though you compress it you will have to wait a minute or 2, then you end up taking out the garbage and you get back 4 minutes later thinking “Why did I care about it being compressed?”.

Its just a simple thing that even idiots can do its not brain surgery so y not do it?

Plus i think all of us like to get the files faster and play them ASAP :smiley:

Well, some people don’t, you can’t just change it like that, you have thousands of people to convince.

Just let them go their own race. You will have to spend more hours on convincing everyone that it will take to download every darn map for source on the net.

But good luck anyway.

Yeah you tell em! You fuckers better learn to make your 200MB+ maps zip to 10KB because I am sick of waiting 5 minutes to download them. >:O


Garry’s servers don’t even send out the whole thing anymore, it’s taken from multiple sources (Torrent Powah). And space isn’t a issue on Amazon servers normally.

You really NEED to stop using DIALUP because I can download 150MB files in UNDER 20 seconds using T1, and it’s not a WHOLE* lot of money down the drain in the long run.

Stop complaining, and learn a bit of patience. We slave over a hot computer for six months to bring you maps, so you can wait a couple of minutes for the download.

You have to remember that most people don’t have this available near them, for example, the only internet here is Comcast cable internet. But still, it shouldn’t take long to download those.

Oh, yes, and because of this thread i have just decided that my next release will be about 1 gig large. Have fun downloading it :smiley:

oh shi-

Quoted for absolute fucking truth.

Is it seriously that bad to wait 10 minutes for a map to download?

you should try hughesnet, because if you’re on dialup, guess what…


no, but seriously - you would have to waste time compressing it, then after everyone downloads it, they need winRAR or 7zip, then they have to waste time decompressing it.

And if you are thinking of having this make in-game server DL’s faster, the source engine does not contain winrar executables, it only supports BZIP2, and that’s used for the most part.

And you mentioned something about this being about file size not map quality. Well, for the most part, if not always, better maps contain larger file sizes due to things like high-quality lightmap scales, custom content, etc. So if you want us to lower the filesize, I’m sure we can all release a stream of fullbright, default hl2-textured pieces of shit so you can download them faster.

Finally, waiting 2 minutes for a download is nothing like working for months on end to release a map, learn to have patience.

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Nice waste of a thread. Post a map instead of something like this.