Huge model request.....(NPCS/vehicles)

all grand theft auto 3, vc,vcs,4, and sa vehicles, weapons, swep weapons, and character/playermodels…quite possibly huge, not:im putting the sweps request in the apropriate section(question…lua coding request or an other?).

yes this is a fricking massive port , but if you have the pc versions it should be really easy

also no need for niko bellic and the gta4 cop as they have bin released

oh and a request in mapping may be made…later

shouldnt be too hard…i meen its mostly porting, and rigging ragdolls…

oh and npcs for humans

plus if you can may you make the vehicles drivable?


hold on…resource images coming soon…

I would love the cops

…oh and somehow i got the idea for a system…like the halo custom playermodels…to choos a base player as a head and skin for arms…and choose the clothes…just popped into my head

some images

SA map

and some other stuff…links only

heres tommy!!!:

good ol’ libert (gta4) :

good ol’ libert (gta3):


i love gta sa’s cops…always just wanna pick a fight

and vc’s cops were just…80’s cops lol