Huge npc lag

When I have around 25 npcs and they fight,my game lags to shit.Even around 10 zombies lag my game.Seriously.And yet in someone else’s server,I can spawn loads of them with no lag at all.I have no idea why this happens but it’s been happening for around a year and I don’t have any ai mods,I only have 16 pages of mods.
Don’t believe me?Watch all of this (It’s old but it still happens)


Check that your graphics settings are not to high, or your computer isnt able to proccess that many npcs (my old pc used to do the same thing).

Also post your specs please.

Os:Windows 10
Processor:AMD Radeon R7,4 logical processors (can’t copy this because Windows 10 is an arsehole)
Memory:12 gb
My graphics card isn’t listed for some reason,I don’t know why,but I can tell you it’s good

Try the Dev branch.

I tried that and it lags slightly less but the game still dies…

I know this is old but I upgraded my card to a GTX 1050.Now if I have npcs in any map which isn’t 2013 gm_construct,I get almost no lag.Weird,I didn’t think it was my card.I’ll just leave this here so people can see it and maybe learn from it