Huge Particle/Object Accelerator

A few weeks ago I decided to set out on the task of creating something similar to the Large Hadron Collider in Garry’s Mod, to see what speeds the Source Engine could handle and just because I think it’d be awesome.

Anyway, I’ve constructed the shell, all the buildings, the circuit itself and basically everything is in place. The thing I’m missing is how to accelerate the objects around. For the straight sections, I’ll just use a forcer which will be easy. For the curves, I thought of using a forcer-per-tube but it would’ve taken too long and I’m not sure if it would even work.

So thats where I’m up too. If anyone thinks they no a way to do it, either tell me or if you want I’ll let you download the save. Completely up to you.


OTHER INFO (taken from video)

This is an unfinished particle accelerator (or object accelerator) that I have constructed in Garry’s Mod. I used mainly PHX and some Wire. Oh, and the godly Stacker tool.

I haven’t got it functional as I can’t think of a way to get the object to accelerate around the bend in the loop. I can easily get it to go straight down the straights, and wire no-collides make the intersections easy. However, the bend is still difficult. Therefore it’s basically just a concept.

If you think you can do it, message me and I’ll send you save. If you hook a speedometer which you attach to the prop you accelerate to the big diode in the entrance room, the top speed and current speed displays work.

Other features include a space for the first forcer to get the object moving, a dedicated control room with a great view of the collision, a sunk in entry chamber for easy access and the entire thing is frozen to reduce lag.

Right, got a link to download it now. This version is with a few things visible such as some wire chips and the things to make the front doors open. Just makes it easier if you want to change anything. If you want to make the doors open another way, link something to the add chip behind the pole for the keypad. Whenever thats 1, the door will be open. Also, I’d apprechiate if you gave credit to either this thread or the video if you upload it either here again or on Youtube (that’s if you get it working :D)

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I hope this works in the end, sorry i don’t have any ideas on how to do it but i think its a neat idea. Good luck.

get taht into a server and ill forcer it all for you

You could always use applyforce?

Thanks, I hope it does in the end too (:

Not sure adv. duping would do it any good. . . as I’ve said, you can have a download to the save if you’d like? It’d take a lot to forcer that up though.

Is that an expression 2 command? Never heard of it before.

i will forcer it all…probably next weekend…jus make sure you remind me

On the circle you could make a rig to propel stuff around it (not sure how exactly it’s supposed to flow)
Like, a rigid rope from the vary center of the circle to a block(s) being rotated around inside of the duct with forcers on it (and nocollided).
That way you’ll only need about 10 spinning around really fast to propel the particles… I think o.O

As for the turn, I guess the same Idea, but so it passes in then out of the duct with every rotation. + The forcer being activated only while in the duct (if necessary)

-The model looks REALLY cool, and I have no idea how you run smoothly with all those props =P

I’ve been to a few particle accelerators, so i think the closest way you could the same effect would be having pushers at every sector, gradually accelerating the “particle”, then keep it in the storage ring until you need extra speed in which case you could open the synchrotron gate and have it accelerate with pushers.

The architecture is nice, you’ve got a LINAC leading to the synchrotron which is good but the accelerators also have a storage ring where they can fly around and just be kept at speed.

If you get it working make sure to post it, the video you made is good as well, you managed to keep me entertained with an unfinished contraption which is good.


I was thinking about something spinning at the very center, then I could activate a weld latch to the object to get that to spin. Could work.

I don’t know how I run smoothly to be honest, I’ve not really got a gaming PC, who knows :smiley:

since I don’t think particles exist in GMod what are you going to propell ^^
anyway its looking quite good, i would never have the patience to do that another Rainbow xD

Probably the vanilla props blue barrel, I just used particle as it is somewhat similar to a particle accelerator in that respect :smiley:

oh right still looks good but im not sure what would happen if you collided a couple of them at a trillion and two MPH =S
this time you get an informative C=

Wouldn’t be able to collide two of them unfortunately, that would be even more complicated to set up than the setup at the moment. I’m just going to accelerate one into a wall very quickly.

…or a kleiner
=O you should use a rollermine cause it looks like a particle and it’s live test equiptment

How do you get things to be able to move that fast- cause there’s a top speed in gmod, How do I disable it??

Large hardon collider

i would be willing to work on it, can u give me the save?

Why not super ice and nograv the prop that’s being accelerated along with the tunnel?

The only feasible way to do this without lagging the shit out of your computer with 500+ forcers would be with E2’s Applyforce, combined with crazy amounts of expression code.

Or Lua.

Thanks for all the replies people :slight_smile:

I’ll upload the save sometime later on. Keep me posted with how well you do :smiley: