Huge Problem with Rocket Launchers

Rockets Launchers come with a rocket in them. This is a problem because 1 rocket is worth 1/2 a c4. 1 c4 takes about something like an hour or so to craft. 1 c4 worth of rockets in crafting time= 6 minutes. So now we can have people make 10 c4 worth of rockets by crafting Rocket Launchers (because they came with 1 rocket). The cost of rockets I thought was fair but if you can get one by making the rocket launcher tube… all bad. Everything will be blown up tonight. I expect it to be lots of fun, at least for tonight.

Why do the devs never think about stuff like this before releasing it?!

Good find, hopefully they fix it soon.

Gee, it’s like balance is less important than raw testing right now.

Everyone knows you etch source code in stone and have to literally move mountains to change the balance on a weapon.

I like how he put “Huge Problem”.
Sounds like potential fun until it’s fixed in like 6 whole days (sooner if on dev) at most.
Rocket launchers ain’t cheap either. Kinda hard to spam make them…