huge problem with SBEP lift designer

Greetings fellow Gmod’rs I’m a late comer to the Gmod experience,
I only reinstalled HL2 bout a week ago and found out about Gmod just a few days ago.
Hope I have not been unable to locate an answer to my problem and it is here somewhere, thought i assure you I’ve looked.

Anyhoo my problem is i can use Lift designer and can complete creating something however after which I cant wire or move or attach buttons e.t.c to my elevator. It’s like I added to the map…
it’s there visually and I can use the elevators but cant attach them to or move them anywhere… I’m stumped
Thanks ahead of time to anyone who can help me out here.

My specs:
Win XP 1G ram
Geforce 8400 GS 512 PCI not PCIE
100GB HD Western Digital
I need a new machine hehe

Gmod paid for from steam
SVN’s from Svn updater
Info.txt file’s for SBEP & Gcombat08

Entities, Experimental, Fortifications, Models, Weapons
“version” “4.0”
“up_date” “12th July 2009”

"name"				"Gcombat08"
"version"			"1.1"
"up_date"			"03/31/2008"

is there something I’m missing or do I have the wrong versions. I just checked updates with SVN updater and it had a few but after starting Gmod again it still is not working…
oops thought this was the help area mod can u move please sry…

Wrong section.

ya i know i did had both opened before i joined to get help and hit wrong tab… sry there a mod about that can move this thanks


nm i made a new one in the right place can a mod delete this
thank you