Huge server joining and internet connection problems

Today I have been unable to join any Garrys Mod servers. I was on my friend’s just yesterday, and today when I tried to join hl2.exe would stop working at the Retrieving Server Info… step. Later when I reset my computer and wireless router to try again, it cut off all internet connection from everything except my Skype call and the Steam friends list (but it did cut off the steam store) I don’t want to mess with it any more as it also cut off the internet from other computers in the house, but strangely not from my iPod Touch. I am guessing this problem lies within the router, but any other explanations and solutions are very much appreciated.

Obviously (although most obvious things are rarely as the first seemed) you’ve got a router problem, which brand is the router? have you tried pressing the actual factory reset on the router? (hold the tiny reset button in for 10 sec or so :))

Well it’s a very old linksys that needs very badly to be replaced as it is. soo maybe I’ll look into that. The only weird part is that no matter what the iPod Touch can get online with the wireless fine.

hm… Try writing (the 3rd value may vary XXX.XXX.0-10.1 is usually it) and if it prompts for username/password just pop in “admin” as username and “password” as password… tell me if that works then we can work from there

I fooled with the router before and changed the password to something I can’t remember… lol aren’t I smart

Again, factory reset (if it’s even capable of that :P) press the reset button for 10sec, cut of the power for another 10, not sure what’ll do it (min forgets all settings if i turn the power off for a while, though that’s a hardware error :P)

I’ll see what happens, my dad might be on his way home with a new one Idunno