Huge Swep Pack

Hello Facepunch! This is my first SWEP pack that I’ve ever made, it contains 29 guns. About half of them are pistols, I love pistols.
Models: Medicalheadcrab, FPSbanana, and Kermite.
Sounds: Found on google, and kermite.
Base: Worshipper and Teta_Bonita.
Theres no custom world model on the M9, sorry.
Unzipped is around 500mb.

Post thoughts, please.

I know the UZI has missing textures on the hand, I can’t find them.
Click the big black download button.

First thought: 5*29.

Do they all work properly? (No errors, no weird bugs etc.)?
Did you code all of them yourself? (not talking about the base) I mean the first thing I think of when seeing the name “Huge swep pack” is a collection of sweps you found.

I input the standard format for sweps and simply changed the values for this pack.
So, honestly, no.
No errors, except for the small amount of missing textures on the arms on the UZI.
However, I coded the small part at the bottom for the reload sound and deploy sound.

What base does this use?

Also, finally someone who shares my love of pistols.

Please explain more, I don’t understand your question.

I think he’s asking what code did you use to make these, Mad Cows, etc.

Oh, I took the format from Worshipper’s CSS Realistic.

Oh well, i guess i’ll have to convert it to madcows myself.


CS:S Realistic is pretty laggy with all the effects and most people like the look of the effects from Madcows

is amazing.
By the way, why are they all admin-only?
Also, it’s a Dragunov, not a Dragonuv.

another one of these swep packs.

Never release your first creation because it has a 99% chance of being complete shit.

I kind of disagree with that. While it’s true that you may not want to release your first map, because usually a person’s first map is just to explore Hammer. It’s perfectly fine to release your first LUA creation once you feel it’s relatively stable. LUA, or any coding language, can be difficult to learn with out feedback from one’s peers.

Gah, It would be better if it was put on
I didn’t know I was clicking the right download button, it kept redirecting me to some sort of iPad ad

Anyways, it looks cool, trying it out

It was uploaded for about a week and was first on top downloads then Garry banned me for no apparent reason.

Contact him by email or PM?

Mind fixing the crotch problem and the silencers; my two gripes.

I did, he doesn’t reply.

I stand corrected, those two fixes are very important for a pack to be even decent, and they aren’t there…

Tried it and everything is good. Just the ACT_VM_RELOAD on one both of the silenced weapons needs to be fixed