Huge Trophy Truck [many pics]

A trophy truck that went too big D: anyways it looks normal if we don’t count scale. Built on gluttony :smiley:



the front of the small trophy truck is a bit long, but otherwise it’s quite nice :buddy:

also when did you make it? I was on gluttony almost whole yesterday and we didn’t change map and I never saw you

Big black one was made a week ago and the grey normal scale one was my first trophy truck, made months ago :smiley:

Everybody building trophy trucks ? D:


And classic cars ? D:

that’s a bit ridiculous

also trophy trucks are front engined

Butler made the same mistake :buddy:

Too small.

mistake? are you kidding me i revolutionized the construction of gmod trophy trucks by creating rear engined. DONT GIVE A FUCK

that’s where the idea came from

yea see i revolutionized trophy truck building suck it

Wow! Can they move and shoot at the same time???

no but they can move and steer at the same time :buddy:

WOW! He must have been wasted on Everclear in his German touring roadster that is worth more than our houses and outwitting men like us for fun and sometimes proifit when he made them! THIS IS A TOTAL REVOLUTION!

oh yeah I still got this:

This car is manly.