Hello. I am a big WWII nut, and I have a project for YOU. There are some weapons and ragdolls missing from various packs, that would REALLY make things easier for Comics. These models and ragdolls MUST be hexed, and cannot interfere with any DoD, CSS, or TF2 Files.

Japanese Weapons:
Type 100
Arisaka (Type 98)
Type 96 LMG
Type 4 Rocket Launcher

Japanese Ragdolls:
Japanese Infantry
Japanese Pilot
Japanese Officer
Hideki Tojo

American Ragdolls:
American Pilot
Franklin Delanor Roosevelt

Various Models:
M61 Zero (Japanese Fighter)
Mitsubishi K-1II (Japanese Bomber)
P51 Warhawk (US Fighter)
B25 Superfortress (US Bomber)
Carrier (US and Japanese, just change flags)

Other Weapons:
AA Gun (whatever you want, just make it WWII)
AAA Gun (same as above)

If you can complete all of this, I will love you.


Most of the jap stuff are available in Cod WaW. But, bloo hasn’t ported any jap stuff from the game.