Hulk Hogan model

Anyone doing a model of the Hulkster from WWE 2k14 or any WWE game. If not, I request that someone do him please.

Shit, someone should do that Dwayne Johnson model, too.

I made a request for a Triple H model a while back. The guy who said he will rip some WWE model said he is interested after pointing out that I got plans with the Triple H model and a shovel.

F***, I fell behind. Still didn’t finish my Ultimate Warrior. I can upload OBJ’s of the models if you guys want but right now I’m busy on other projects.

Please do, we want Hogan even if he isn’t finished. I can try to get someone to do the models

I still hope for a Undertaker model and some other WWE models!
(Have a BUNCH of WWE models I hope to have in GMOD/SFM.)

Does anyone know if it possible to get the Sting model fromTNA Impact Game??