Hulk Model Found That's actually good, HiPoly Textures, this is for the public, also spider-man and captain america.

So yeah.
Hulk HiPoly Model - or this -
Spider-Man HiPoly Model -
And Captain America -
Opitional -
So can someone port this into garry’s mod.[/t]

what have they done

oh and [t]

I’ve been trying to port this myself, haven’t bothered to compile/finish rigging, I’ll start finishing it up again


could you explain why this is dumb, Rinfect?

Because all the other hulk models i found were either just reskins or bad models with crappy textures.

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ok dokie, are you make that model public or not?

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Well. im going to head to bed, good night.


Who’s Rinfect?

Looks like crap, why not get the marvel vs capcom 3 one?

Already ported, not high poly at all, but thats just a retexture.

Great, that’s your opinion.

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Yeah, thats the one i meant, and why did you quote my post twice?

Also, i know its my opinion but, i dont think many people would agree with you.

Any progress on that, Character?

So umm…

I’ve been sidetracked with other things.

I understand.