Human distribution ( HL2 )

Blood >_<


Looks nice, if not a bit chaotic.

that doesnt look really safe for the combine. still pretty nice though

Great pic man.

My PC can’t hold for these ragdolls in once.
Nice job!

Christ, nice work, don’t think I’ve seen that many posed ragdoll sin such a small space.

Where’s Waldo?

Yeah this about kicks ass.

That guy near the bottom left corner looks like his face is falling off.

I like it. There’s just one gripe. The fact that there are overwatch soldiers down there. It just doesn’t seem right.


is that black man taking her from behind?

awesome pic anyway :rock:

“And anyone here could be a rebel. I’d shit my pants if I still had my intestines.”

It looks like…

Dude, brilliant

Looks great! The camera could be positioned a bit lower, though.

Everything is superb, except for that malformed woman face.

And something’s wrong: if that was nova prospekt, why are there metropolice?

ignoring that, everything is perpect. must be a good computer to spawn that number of ragdolls.