Human Error Models.

Yeah I posted Them:

Ahh yeah nothing else to talk about.

There all face poseable.

looks good for comics, but need more pics

Okay i will add more.


Done :3

Woah…thanks man I always had a problem with launching human error just to get the damn models out of it.

Never heard of this mod, but it looks kinda nice. Is it any good? (I mean the mod itself)

It’s pretty good.

It’s a good mod. While not excellent in any one thing, it’s overall better then most of the stuff out there, and has some impressive scripted sequences. On top of it all, it has a cohesive storyline that’s fun to play through, if not a bit cliche. It also has in-game commentary, which is a little different. 8/10.

I see a xen controller and an alien grunt in there…

Yeah, the mod is mainly about fighting xen creatures that escaped some university where they were kept.
Also, the controllers talk in the mod.