Human fat

Now the players for to gain animal fat use the suicide, 7 sleeping bags at player and continuous suicide.

Please stop this slaughter, no more human fat :slight_smile:

How about instead of removing a valuable resource from one of its source that the mechanic that currently allows multiple suicides is fixed? Suicide needs to be penalized somehow, because right now it’s too convenient a solution for a lot of problems in Rust.

Your solution is a bit like curing a disease by killing the patient.

Agree, but some solution must be taken…

suggested a fix before it was cool :smiley:

I agree. Something needs to be done. There’s currently no consequence to dying- be it by your own hand or that of others. Whether it’s limiting the number of sleeping bags that can be owned, having some kind of global respawn cooldown, a combination of both, or some other mechanic, something really needs to be done about it.

When you use a bag set all bags on cooldown too. That will also prevent base bag spam we have now.

Or remove/limit the suicide command.

Why not both?

I don’t think one single thing is going to fix this. It’ll take a combination of perhaps a sleeping bag limit, global respawn timer (perhaps after the first respawn - otherwise it’s too harsh), and perhaps cooldown on the suicide command as well.

Limit use so it’s available if you get stuck in the rocks with no way out.

If there isn’t a suicide command, then what?

The suicide command is needed. Putting a global respawn timer would fix that. If you legitimately have to kill yourself because you’re stuck somewhere, then you can do that the first time without penalty and respawn immediately at the bag of your choice. After that, there’s a respawn timer on ALL bags, not just the one you used.

This sounds pretty good to me.

How about reimplement the bed? only 2 spawns in 5mins

Well, the bed should be coming. it’s an in-game item already. It’s not seeded, but admins can spawn them in. We just can’t do anything with them. They’re just an inventory item with no use like blood or batteries.

Instead of having a 5 minute wait time per use of a particular sleeping bag, how about we have a 2 minute waiting time before someone can respawn in any sleeping bag

i’d also suggest reducing the yield of fat from humans. we are half starved, irradiated nakeds. we are likely to have very little fat worth harvesting on us. add that to the respawn delay on all bags that crunch suggested, and i think this would become a very inefficient way to get fat up.

Keep in mind that FP eventually wants to add in prison type buildings and handcuffs etc. The suicide command is going to be needed to prevent inescapable griefing. The best solution would definitely be to add a cooldown that gets progressively worse when you continue to suicide.

From Rustupdates:

nice, that’s a really good solution:)

Better tell everyone I just spawned.