Human hunter modification

I’ve got quite a number of requests here, but seeing as how they’re mostly variants on the same theme there shouldn’t be too much work involved.

Since this is a boatload of work, I’ll set the “hood down” model as highest priority. Female, new faces and colour scheme can take a backseat for the time being.

I’d like to firstly state that I have acquired the very kind permission of both bloocobalt and nexus_elite for this.

I need a model which looks like it has hard wearing outdoor clothing, and the human hunter is ideal for this (found here:

I need one version with male_02’s face ( and one with male_06’s face (

In addition, I need a female version as well. This is a lot to ask, I know. I have seen a female version of the phoenix connection terrorist , but it seems to have vanished.
I would require one with female_06
and one with a face which was cut from HL2, known as “Linda” found here:

If possible, I’d like female_06 to be a redhead, something like this:

(the colour, not necessarily the shape).

And finally, because I’m a bit of an arse, I need two versions of all of these; one with the hoods up and one with them down. I reckon this could be done by using the hood on the SAS CT skin.

So, to conclude, I need 8 models:

male_02 hood up/hood down
male_06 hood up/hood down
female_06 hood up/hood down redhead
“linda” hood up/hoodown

Finally, I need the colours on them changed to a more sort of outdoorsy scheme, like this

or this

Hump de bump.
Anyone? I’m not asking any one person to do all of it; my highest priority would be the hood down version. If that’s all that could be done so be it, I’ll be able to work around it. Heck, I might even be able to do the faces and recolouring myself.

Seriously, no-one? I’ll let it die after this bump.

Maybe because you made the request look very complicated