Human L4D Infected

Damnit, what the hell happened to the WIP post icon. Just a little project I’m working on. I only have one facemap as of the moment, and I’ll be adding new pictures every now and then. Hopefully spartan117ak will help me with some parts.

poopy bum

These are reskins, so you won’t be able to move their eyes or mouth. Their fingers will be limited, plus they’re all spiky and weird.

Oh, and bloocobalt hacked male_02’s head and hands onto a L4D model for me. I don’t think he’ll want to do anymore models, though. They’re fucking tough to fix.

That’s a cool idea but the entire reason they were made dark and dead looking was so you could distinguish them from the other survivors.

Who said they were for L4D?

I still see poop on his bum

That’d be so crazy if you could reskin all of them so they would look like something out of 28 Weeks/Days Later.

those look nice! :3

Survivors tend to… ermm… NOT CHASE AFTER J00! D:

Unless they’re whores.

spartan117ak did most of the work on the suit

Any chance of hexing?
I’d love to have a bunch of normal looking human models.

Yeah when it’s done.

This is a great idea.

We definitely could use more casual skins around here.

Hm, how long till someone turns the 4 survivors into infected 0.o

I knew someone would do this eventually!

Nice work so far :slight_smile:

This is Awesome.

I already did Louis

It’s hard not to kill the black guy first I guess. D:

That. Is. Amazing! You should so release that. It’d be a great combo for Louis the smoker on the mod that makes the survivors infected bosses.

That’s what the bigass said : P

Lol, that sounds hilarious.

Damn Spartan and bigass are doing a good job

Who is the bigass now! : D