Human L4D2 common infected

Would anyone be able to make a pack of the common infected from L4D2, but uninfected? i mean, like the way they were before the infection. They look like they’d make some great ‘normal people’ models… the HL2 citizens get kinda boring after a while, y’know?

Email valve, they’ve got them.

I’m serious. Do it.

What does that coach link have to do with anything

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Not possible right now. Well it technically is, but it’s not worth the effort for poor results. Valve uses a new system to texture the zombies that only the L4D2 engine can use. It involves a shitload of complicated VTFs specifying what to color where and where to put the blood splatters. Basically, the texture sheet is greyscale since the game actually colors the textures to have random varieties in them. You can color it, but it won’t look as good and will take longer. Good side to this is that they’re already clean, which is what Hell-met meant to show. Valve just used regular zombies for that crowd picture. No different from the ones we have.

The other problem is the model. They work in GMod, just they’re wireframe. Unless somebody figures out another way, only way to fix this is to either get GMod to work with L4D2 models nicely, or decompile all the zombies and recompile them with nice new textures. This would take even longer.

Basically, we can’t have any L4D2 common infected yet because Valve’s stupid and had to make some poopy new efficent way to color infected that basically means we can’t touch them.


Instead of being a poop, be nice and explain what you mean by the coach link.

Look at a simple picture for three seconds?

dunce cap for you. those are normal infected just blurred.

if they were infected, wouldn’t the infection already spread by then?
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For one… he could’ve meant the infected models posing in the background for when they took the picture…
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