Human meat

axe … on naked … = … Human meat :smiley: and maybe a small amount of blood ^^

Canibalism in da place !

sounds cool actually :smiley:

It could work with that old suggestion about insanity and anxiety.

I don’t think Human Meat should be consumed without any side effects, it would make surviving and scavenging for food completely useless when you can just go and eat your neighbor.

There is already so much PVP and kill on sight, this would just give you another reason to kill anyone you see.

This is a cool idea, but I think it’s too soon to implement something like this

I don’t think it’s a good idea. If two people are together and they place down sleeping bags, they can keep killing eachother and respawn, making them have infinite meat.


And Minecraft already has “Rotten flesh” gained from zombies - Which, if you think about it, is cannibalism by itself…

I think side effects would be cool, but don’t make something stupid like a hunger side-effect AFTER EATING, that makes you even hungrier than before you ate… Cough Minecraft Cough

Why would anyone want to eat humans, we’re full of dangerous chemicals and all that already…

Especially in rust, where you might just eat someone who died of radiation…

Actually, what if you couldn’t eat human meat, but could use human meat to lure certain animals (say a bear), throw it into a room in your maze of a base, bear goes to eat it, lock the door. You now have a bear trap room for raiders. Of course at the moment, i’m sure despawning would be an issue for such an idea. However, as long as the eating of the meat is impossible, it would have few practical uses and perhaps not be a big incentive to kill players.

maybe the human meat, can give food, but decrease small amount of hp

doesn’t sound viable… we’re talking unity here guys…

Raw chicken my friend. Raw chicken.

How about you can collect the heads of people you kill and place them on spears outside your base a sort of war trophy.

LOVE this idea altho with the current surver flooding i think its a bit too soon also maybe they would need bandit NPC’s before this the bambi killing is allready too high

Yeh i love this idea too… mounting the heads of those who raid your camp just seems so… right