Human NPC's

I think someone brought this idea up a while ago. I thin having some harder to kill and intelligent NPCs would be a nice add, ones that maybe have a spear and some primitive gear on them. You might be able to find their stashes about the map. Maybe have some small villages that maybe hoard some minor necessities and you have the ability to raid them.

What, not satisfied with the bloodthirsty players commonly found everywhere?

If you want some intelligent and harder to kill humans… get out of your house and go do some pvp, they sometimes have spears and primitive tools… even guns… and most of them play in group and create villages… youll be amazed

A few even pass the Turing test if you try talking to them! :v:

If you really want a challenging enemy try tracking down someone using speed/jump hacks!

I want something other than animals. Something more like what a PC character looks like. It would be nice to have some human shapes to shoot at to practice.

Oh and some people play on PvE servers so animals is all they have to shoot at. Also at times when I log on the server I play on there are only 10 people on for map big enough to hold 250 people.

In regards to the comment about getting out of your house, I am out of my house all the time. Just saying it would be nice to see something with a bit more challenge than a barrel to get decent drops from. Also add to the danger aspect.

I’m sure some commonplace hostile creatures will be added later in the development, but I honestly don’t see human NPCs working. The game is about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, where your worst enemy is hostile players out to fuck you over. There’s no need for human NPCs because they’ll be redundant.

Well, at some point there will be rad animals and possibly killer robots. Until then if you want action jump on a server with a population over 70. At times you’ll want to run back to your quiet server where you’re not constantly looking over your shoulder.

For example, I live in a fairly safe place with cool neighbors. However, last night I was outside my wall working on improvements to my entrance. I hear a distant gunshot then see a bullet hit the dirt next to me. Danger everywhere!