Human reference model?

Does anyone have a human reference model (player model) I can use in 3dsmax for referencing? I’ve been looking at tutorials where the guy is using a simple ragdoll wireframe model as reference while making various props and models.

Buy one of those wood mannequin things

I am talking about a .max, .smd or the like, not a real world physical prop to place next to the screen. :gibs:

Just decompile a source model.

in max 12 units is equal to 12inches in hl2 or 1ft. by creating a box in max you can do a quick check the size of your model. that way you know your not way out of whack, and it doesn’t require you to decompile anything

Theres reference smds in the sdk stuff.

This isn’t entirely true, a generic max unit isn’t too far from an inch, but not a source unit. 1 source unit = 0.75 inch, which is easy to set up in 3dsmax anyway. :wink:

that would make sense actually, alot of the time using the max units my props would be off by around 20-10% in scale… but how did you come across this info? valve wiki? is a factor 0.75 absolute

A couple of other people in other threads have said this also (though I can’t remember who or which).

1 unit = 1 inch [/discussion]