Human Relations #2

Well off to procrastinate again.

so the joke is sexual harassment + “this guy is gay lol”. really?

yeah see its what we call humor and thats why we think its funny

it’s the expression that makes it

I think Dukov also wants to be checked for contraband…

uh, that’s the joke

it’s what Family Guy calls humour. I’d suggest taking comedic cues from a show that isn’t directed at American 14-year-olds.

family guy invented raunchy immature toilet humor?

I don’t know I thought it was quite funny. Maybe you should get a sense of humor?

his sense of humor is too mature civilized and noble for this kind of childish peasant tomfoolery

Dude. Fuck off.
You obviously are outdated in the current Screenshots community.

So either adapt or let it run its course.

Family Guy humor doesnt have a build up to it.

Its random and out of nowhere and often times unfunny.

If its toilet humor, its toilet humor, if its done right it can be funny, i think this is funny.

Why so butthurt? joke


see its easy to guess how much of an ass someone acts irl if they review shows like this