Humanity, still fighting in Tokyo despite the leaving of the combines.

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Everything’s ingame.

Neon city districts are such a great excuse for awesome lighting. Nice work.

And yet not a single Asian guy to be found…:raise:


well you see

asians are really rabbids in disguise, who came here from outer space to populate the planet in secret

they wear human skin and are waiting for the day they take over
like the show V with more asians and rabbids

so they turned into rabbids to fight off the combine, but now they can’t get back into human form!!!

That is amazing, what map is that by the way?

i’ll reply to your question with a quote

what map…do want

u srs bro

Where is bad reading rating when you need it, it’s just up to your post.

Where are all these scene build models coming from?


somewhere in tokyo…

Just aweasome

i’m definetely f*cked up
i can’t see your and Zeraxify’s pics