Humanity's future.

Not descriptive title. :frowning:

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Yeah, humanity’s future in a single picture, not going to explain why and what is the humanity’s future. Find out by yourself.

Anyway, this is my best editing so far I think. :v:

Here is the original

Rain looks too 2D and I cant stop staring at the thing on the wall.
Posing and everything else is nice.

Forgot to post the original :

Rain could use some work. Shiny metal armor dude looks good. Dark and depressing.

The picture is amazing. The lighting is superb

THIS is great. :smiley:

Been watching Blade Runner, have we?


A+ Picture.

Wait, in the future we’re all gunna walk around with guns and armor? that other guys must be a homeless guys and that’s why they don’t have any

hey that sounds just like face of mankind

Redlight, from Neotokyo, right?

More like dave browns work.

wtf with wall picture

The guy on the left looks like he has the same apparel as Niko Bellic

The splashes are amazing but the rain itself needs some work.