Humanized Portal 2 Wheatley

Could someone port this model from MMD? Link is here: Also, if you feel like it, you can port Caroline.

I would like to see this

Support. So that would mean we have GLaDOS, Caroline and Wheatley from MMD in Gmod? Cool.

Edit: I know you from DeviantArt, Optimus. You can’t escape me.

N-no you don’t shifty WHO ARE YOU! Anyway, thanks for support!

I’m on it, it’ll be in the next misc pack, there’s a few models i have to do first though. and caroline seems to have trouble importing, but i’ll try to fix it. but at least wheatly works

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caroline seems to be having too many errors…damn, i will at least be able to do wheatly though, don’t worry

I give a shit of support. I was about to request this…

Not to mention mmd models come out so clean and fresh looking on Gmod I swear of all the Anime ragdolls these ones are best looking I have seen, look at the MMD imported Yoko…so fucking HIGH QUALITY

i did that one. and i’m gonna do wheatly after the magika something girls and he’ll be in the misc pack. unfortunately caroline has errors… but at least there’ll be wheatly