Humanized Portal Cores WIP

Heya. This is just a continuation of the request thread for the humanized portal cores requested by optimussentinel.

Did I say Wednesday? What I meant to say was 1 AM on Thursday.

It’s a step up, but I think I still may need to start from scratch on these hands. I adjusted it as best as I could, but the form still seems very off, especially with those atrocious smoothing problems. I’ll get back to you on that.
Enjoy the new and improved slightly less squarical crotch though.

Original request thread:

Concept art:

and eventually:

Criticism welcome!

Lookin’ cool! and as I have said before Wheatly looks like the Tf2 Medic or one of the GhostBusters.

The hands look a bit odd, but I can tell you’re going for a TF2-ish style so have at it.

Why are they wearing all the same shirts and pants (male)?

Ever consider how all of the cores appear identical except for the eye?

Found another reference for Morality and Anger

Rick needs a cowboy hat.

Rick needs Indiana Jones garb.

Nice~ I love that design~

I don’t get all the dumbs this is a really cool idea

Cool idea I’ll download it when it’s finished. Good luck to you though.

I think it’s because some people don’t like the idea of humanized versions of Portal’s robotic characters.

I like the odea and the model but I don’t really think that this guy could be wheatley.

I don’t get why every time something is “humanized” (proper term would be anthropomorphized) It’s always in some anime style…

Also, work on the model some more, the hands look kinda crap and huge gap in his crotch region.

Ever consider how it’s a WORK IN PROGRESS? And not everything that’s humanized is always made in some anime style.

I was referring to the artworks posted throughout the thread, not the model itself. Oh and the ‘humanized’ GLADoS model from a while back, yeah.

Hahahaha, yes and definitely.

That aside, sorry, been a little distracted lately. I’ll have an update for ya by Wednesday.

Really cool! Only thing I’m wondering about is how the wireframe thing around his abdomen is held up. By the hips? Or is it attached to the back and front of the jacket?
Either way, really nice design. :smiley:

Reminds me of Winx Club…


I mean, it’s a cool idea, but I think going for a style more on par with Portal itself would be better.

I think the models looks nice, but they’re way to stylized to be used alongside actual Portal models. They work next to TF2 characters but not next to the realistic Portal characters.