Humanized portal cores

Now I know this might be damned near impossible, But I will provide references, and well… something else i’ll decide on later. References: Please note that you do not have to make evil wheatley if you don’t want to.And that the designs are not made by me. Thanks!

Well, it’s not impossible - someone did make that humanized GLadOS back after Portal 1. No idea if the same will happen here, and don’t get your hopes up too high, but it’s not impossible. Just very unlikely.

Ooh, this looks like a lot of fun. I probably shouldn’t since I got that PVZ pack going, but this would be totally worth the effort!

Got started on Wheatley, let me know what you think! Criticism welcome!
(I don’t really like how the hair is, probably going to redo that.)

To do: ears, redo hair, feet, hands, detail the pants, redo aperture back thing, fix the mouth so it’s actually a mouth

Is a beginning. Lets gonna see how end.

Awesome!!! And I agree with you on the hair thing. I didn’t think anyone was up to the challenge to do this. Thanks for tackling this project.

Premature baldness strikes when you least expect it…

Seriously though, now for that hair.

You are freaking fast at this! Oh and are you doing just Wheatley or the others as well?

Oh, I’ll do the others too. They all look really interesting, and it’d be pretty sweet to have them all as player models.


O jeez, that’s a pretty scary laugh.

Heh. The ones I mainly want are the space core and curiosity core for screenshot/comic purposes.

Sure thing, I’ll prioritize those next. Probably going to stop bumping this thread so much for now hahaha.

Yeah. We should. Dammit I did it again!

This isn’t humanizing, this is demonizing

Down with the anime monster

Try not to discourage one of the few times people actually make custom models around here. :smiley:

It will need smooth, but yeah, is looking good.

About the rest of the models, first end this model and later see if you want do more.

One more space core and curiosity core reference:

Yeah, I probably won’t start those until this one is released. Wheatley is definitely top priority right now.

Oh wow, don’t you know that anime is better then some of the crappy American cartoon shows we have? For example there were some great anime shows on Toonami when it was around, but now on Cartoon Network there is all sorts of shit on there.

Let’s not turn this into one of those debate threads.