Humanoid models from scratch?

Anyone here know how to model say something human from scratch, like a TF2 cartoonish human.

Are you asking for someone to do it for you, or are you asking for tutorials?

Requesting one.

Generally speaking, I believe when you make requests you should post some reference images and give people an idea of what exactly you’re looking for.

Not sure if I can post NSFW images here.

Link them with the warning “NSFW”.

Is that allowed? I mean I know long ago people posted NSFW material without hassle but then something about it beeing banned or something.

a review of the rules seems to hint that it would be okay, as long as you just link to it and title it NSFW.
Well here’s the link, but now that I think about it it’s not as NSFW as I thought it’d be.

interesting. Her hip bones are huge

No I think that is just her skin folding from her turning.

Nah, the drawer just seems to have a weird sense of anatomy.
Well, at least her breats don’t start from her chin.