Hummer H3

This is a standalone drivable vehicle ported from Project Torque. Some skins were included too.

Requirments - Garry’s mod


  • Two versions - Stock and tuned up (more horsepower and off-road capability)

  • Changeable skins - Use bodygroup changer or any skinchange stool

  • VU mod ready - Headlights, horn, passengers

Have fun!

Sexy beast it is.

Now it can pollute the virtual air!

Awesome work, got my DL.

Needs VC mod. :smiley:

coulda sworn I had my pants on when I entered this thread

Hi! im really enjoying the Hummer H3 but i was thinking if you could port the H2 if possible? there is already an H2 model on but its an very poor model and it looks like shit… it could be nice to get a quality model/car in the game. :slight_smile: and thanks for the car!