Humvee Rider!


Too shiny for my taste.

Cool Operation Arrowhead Humvee, care to share?

BIS rape

Um, well you see, you already converted it and your speciality is teasing and taunting us with un-released models that could be useful to us.

Care to explain why the inside of the humvee is on fire?


well, it’s not on fire. just glass reflection, but yes. it looks like fire. :slight_smile:

Those Rangers be Ghost Ridin’.


or maybe he was too lazy to pose models inside of the Humvee so he created a shitty coverup. ~snap~


nice bro, very awesome

Why are its headlights on in the daytime?

this is the most awesome shit

Yes, headlights are on at daylight. Nice work though.

They will get pissed at him and take legal action.

Well no shit, but they said for him to stop converting them, and he still does it, so he broke his ownself there. It’s his fault if he gets action taken against him from BIS, he wouldn’t stop converting them so it’s his own fault.

ghost ride the HMMWV
anyways, DDOK, if you do decide to release some of them super special arma2 elite hacks models, give it to people you know or that can prove have arma2
(like me, lol steam)