Hunger games event!

Hi, guys, I am hosting a Rust Hunger Games event tonight during my live stream on my channel @

The event will be hosted on my server and we have plenty of space left for spectators and competitors.

We have an arena built in the wilderness, so anyone not involved will find it, where we will host the event.

We will teleport each competitor to the arena and give them a sleeping bag to place down inside the holding area. We will then kill each competitor to make sure they are not cheating and bringing along equipment. Then we will move them to the arena for standby.

In the center is an arena with 8 pillars in a circle. Each competitor will start with their back facing the pillar they are assigned to. In the center of the arena is a storage box along with a couple small stashes. These will hold items. What items they hold is a secret. It could be armor, weapons or supplies.

When the announcer fires his hand cannon to signal the start of the event, you can either take your chances grabbing something from the center of the arena, or RUN for your life and head out into the open area of the arena and search through the obstacles and buildings there, hoping to find something to get you ahead of the pack.

The arena is surrounded with large spike walls so no one can escape. Along the outside of the spikes are a few stadium seating areas for any spectators who want to watch from a distance. Be careful, if you fall out of the seating, you will die to spikes.

If the event reaches a stalemate where competitors are no longer hunting each other, a few randomly chosen spectators will be give a bolt action rifle and a few rounds to “motivate” the competitors.

It’s on my server “h3lmo’s world an [ORYG1NAL GAMERS] community”. Open the console with F1 and type “net.connect” to join.

No cheating obviously. No bringing equipment along with you, you can only use what is in the arena. Once you die, you are out of the competition. No bitching if you lose, take it like a man! :wink:

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Items will be given to you once you are back in your base or the starting area where all the resources are. Prizes are only valid on OUR server since obviously we can’t give you items on someone elses server. Prizes will include, but are not limited to; Building materials (Planks, Foundations, Pillars, etc.), Weapons and ammo, Explosives!

Sign up by following the link to the ORYG1NAL GAMERS steam group page here;

PVP event. Win prizes. Sign up HERE.