Hunger Games gamemode

Looking also for coders who are interested to help me code Hunger Games gamemode. You must be knowledgeable about what hunger games is. Willing to pay 50-150. Paying via Paypal.

Mappers to make the map for hunger games

Some to-do list
Health and protection
Sponsor System
Hunger, thirst, sleep and stamina
HG SWEPs etc. Bow, throwable stones, axe
Death system announcement
Specific spawn points
Maybe Camouflage

If your interested, add me :

You know it’s impossible to add you because you’re on private right?

You need to login.

Anything’s possible when your logged in.

You seem to be looking for a lot of gamemodes, may I ask what your budget is?

I have different budget for different gamemodes.

Hunger Game = $40 - $150
Theater = $20 - $100

Im already deving this >:(

I’m also in the progress of making already.May the odds be in your favor :wink:

You might of just made the GM.Name

Try and finish it before he does :suspence:

lets create another deathmatch gamemode but this time, add roleplay!!

We are making it into a roleplay.

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When it’s done and all bugs are fixed,it’s ready for a public release.

Hey, dude. I got a Bow And Arrow and I think a knife. Anything else I can add?

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Actually, im gonna test the bow and knives first, then im gonna try and make the cornucopia.

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nvm doesnt work -___-

^ dev of the year.

i mean downloader