Hunger Games/PVP/$$$/Oxide/Active Admins

Our server has switched from Rust++ to Oxide On top of that we host pvp tourneys we like to call “Hunger Games” people will fight to the death for cash and prizes events are updated often… List of features are

Door Sharing
Currency System/Store(YAYYY) !!!
1/2 Craft
No craftable/researchable explosives,m4,kevlar armor,shotty,mp5, bolt action ALL must be purchased threw store
Starter kits
Admin tickets
Home Teleportation system (/shelp in game)
Stats (K/D & top 10 leaderboard)
Ticket Creation System
and MORE!!!

join us at

Yo dude!

Would like to join, but im getting Connection Failed… :confused:

i just restarted server try again

Getting ConnectionFailed. Might be my client though. I can’t find a server working… :o

yeah it’s you try to update your game…

It worked fine yesterday though…

Also a fresh wipe

Come join us…event happening this friday. Currency and items will be rewarded to winners


airdrops start at 10 and we have 9 atm…cmonnn