Hunger Games/PVP tournaments Events Thread

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Future Events Will be posted here;

First Event will be held Fri 1/31 at 10pm EST

We will be holding a 10man FFA in Rad Town. We will split everyone up into groups accordingly and each group will fight 3 Rounds and a point system will be used to decide the outcome. Final Round will be the top 2 players from each group going at it in a Sudden Death FFA for the grand prize. Arena will be ready to go and the rules will be announced in game at the time of event. Come naked as your gear and weapons being used will be supplied. There are areas set up for people to just come and watch if your perfer… Looking Foreward to seeing you there.

If enough “Groups” show up we might also do a 2v2 or 3v3 tournament for additional prizes…

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