HUNGER (Part 2 of 2)

Somewhat later than I hoped, blame my motivation (lack of) for that. Hope you like it.

I’ll start releasing my next major series, Braneworlds, as soon as I can, I’m just waiting for one last model.

Part 1

Just a note you might find interesting, I’m discussing with one of my friends who is a mapper about the posibility of making a Mod based on this idea. Likely it’ll be made in Left 4 Dead, but its just an idea for now.

Shit just got serious. Good work.

I bet louis was behind this wasn’t he! :bahgawd:


I did not see that coming, very well thought out and I loved it.

Nicely done. Liked it as much as the first part.

I love how you can take pac-man and give it this horror story.

Pure genius.

I am scared. :v:

At least he’s not hungry anymore since he ate one of the ghost.

I wonder what those ghoul peoples were before…

Since I didn’t really get a chance to explain it in the comic, the Ghosts were the previous subjects of the experiement, Acman is basically turning into one of them.

Pretty morbid stuff, reminds me of something I read a while ago.