Hungermod for DarkRP 2.4.1

So after countless google searches, digging through forums and even doing open ended searches I am at a loss, I am looking for any information on the hungermod that is built into DarkRP, I have tried to find commands scripts and just about anything related to get it to work.

Now I know the cook job works fine along with the microwave but I can’t seem to find anything at all on how to get the actual hunger bar and plugin working, any information is appreciated.

please note if its in regards as to why I do not run 2.4.2 svn, honestly couldn’t bother with it and this server is simply going to be a locked server for some friends to enjoy, if it does ultimately require SVN I can do so but if there is a way around this any info would be appreicated.

I think there’s a console command, though i’m not sure what it is. It’s been a while since I played DarkRP

From the help section of DarkRP:

rp_hungermod <1 or 0> - Enable/disable hunger mod
rp_foodspawn - Whether players(non-cooks) can spawn food props or not
rp_foodspecialcost <1 or 0> - Enable/disable whether spawning food props have a special cost
rp_foodcost <Amount> - Set food cost
rp_hungerspeed <Amount> - Set the rate at which players will become hungry (2 is the default)
rp_starverate <Amount> - How much health that is taken away every second the player is starving  (3 is the default)

the trouble is those are all unknown commands to me, I even took the time to dig those up and thats where the search came in, everything works except the hungermod portion, and the only thing I have read so far is the many fixes people have attempted to get it working through a custom script.

Have you got hungermod in your modules folder?

How do you even install the hunger mod?

In darkrp > gamemode > modules > hungermod > cl_init, find GAMEMODE.Config.hungermod = false and change to true

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