Hungry Heavys

Been trying to pose and edit. First time.

Dumb idea really. I was bored. C&C please.

Haha, the Heavy on the right is eating a bat. :v:


Wow, I didn’t expect this to be funny for people.

I thought people were going to dislike it.

I think hungry hungry hippos when i look at this… :v:

looks good


That be a interesting idea for a prop…

You just gave me my next idea…

eheh… no problem xD

speaking about board games/toys why not tf2+stratigo?!?!?!


what’s with the coloring? why did you make it look like 35mm film doused in bad developer?

seriously. the whole shitty cross-processing look is terrible. get rid of it. and what is that heavy holding?

Specify which Heavy.

I think he means the middle one, and its a BLU batters helmet.

Scout dropped it and the middle heavy plans to use to shake him off that hook.