Hungry Hungry Heavies

Hungry Hungry Hip-…Heavies?!

Thank you to BlackRazor88 for the idea.


Comment please.

Oh god, the heavy to the far left made me lol…

Ahahahaha you used the idea! xD great work xD

I rate you paint

Thanks man, I loved the idea and wanted to work on it since you mentioned it. Thanks again.

I rate you heart.

Quick! Turn it into a mod.

Good lord…


How would this turn out?

A complete disaster, or success.

LOL, Funny, awesome idea to make that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t tell if your being very sarcastic and acting like an asshole, or you actually think its funny…

just one of the heavy’s faces r funny, and i remember playing this classic game :P, i have a friend who made a game of this in garry’s mod.

Oh, thank you.

New avatar :haw:

Haha, nice!

Haha, i actually laughed out loud to this. Funny and well done.

This…is beautiful T_T

This is what happens when they drink too much vodka? XD And thanks to blackrazor88.